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SV Shoutbox

Latest Message: 5 years, 5 months ago
  • NIGHTHAWKBHD : Hi all its been years. does anyone still ply BHD and if so on what servers?
  • SVTridenT : Just in to look at pict :)
  • What is a b : Oy oy. Timmeh here! Just saying hello.
  • SV RatherSho : ;)
  • SVTridenT : fuck still love that pict :)
  • SVTridenT : yohoooo i'm here and not there :)
  • SV Heckler : Yes Grandpa Heckler, Mr Grandpa Heckler to Trident ;-)
  • SV RatherSho : Grandpa Heckler?!
  • SVTridenT : i'm still the best sniper :) woooohoooooo suckers lol
  • SV Heckler : its 10011

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